TaskManager (TMAN) – Automated Data Transfer
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With our task manager (TMAN) we support you with the automatization of different tasks in your company on your Mac or Win desktop.

The software is used primarily, where files have to be downloaded regularly from an ftp-server or directory. You may download, move or upload the files or you update automatic a database. On the other hand the TMAN is suitable also for monitoring the availability of database server or web servers.

In the integrated task planner you define each individual tasks. Those can be

  • Scheduled operational sequences for file transfer
  • Dependence of individual tasks (Slave Tasks, Semaphores)
  • Definition of directories for file Upload and Download (ftp or local directory)
  • Mail services for error message handling
  • Log files
  • Etc.

Once the task manager is started it works independently on the defined processes. It examines directory listings, shifts files, updates databases, dispatches reports by mail and deletes outdated log files - everything exactly according to your requirements.

Automated File Archive
You need to archive you files in a directory tree (e.g. Year/Month) we will provide you with built-in functionality. If you have a specific demand we may provide you with an adapted solution that exactly fits your requirement.

Automated Database synchonization
Connect the TaskManager to a SQL Source, SOAP Web Service or other .net based data base.

E-Mail Archive
Get Mails from a Mailserver and do automatic reply, forward the mail to different addresses or do an auto reply as well as just archiving the emails

Remote Control
You may also simply test another server if it's running or not and send an alert by TMAN.

The TaskManager can run as a standalone application, as a NT Service (including Remote Control) or it could be inserted also within existing applications. As a 4th Dimension (4D) component it can be integrated into each existing or new 4th Dimension RDBMS and may be used on Microsoft Windows 2000, XP and Apple Macintosh.

Gladly we will show you, how efficient you may use TMAN. Please reply with this Contact form or just give us a call.

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